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Bank Robbers Stopped By The Door

Bank robbers entire robbery plans are stopped by an unlikely hero

Two masked robbers are spotted entering Metro Health Services Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, On Tuesday 16th August at 8:20am, they are subsequently spotted leaving the credit union at exactly 8:21am after discovering that the bank's doors were still locked.

Failed Bank Robbers Nebraska
Failed Bank Robbers, OmahaCrimeStoppers

The unprepared duo drove up to the bank in a maroon Oldsmobile and rushed into the credit union wearing full face masks with wide-brimmed hats and running with urgency. They were stopped by the second door of the credit union as the doors for the bank open at 9:00am.

The pair upon quick realization of their mistake ran back when they could not open the door, they escaped by car.Their car was abandoned near 50th and M streets. Omaha police department is requesting the public to come forth if they have any information on the not so cunning thieves.

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