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Man Smuggles Turtle On Plane Hidden In Burger

A man attempts to get his favorite pet on a plane disguising it as a KFC burger

Not deep fried chicken

This is the last time you look at a KFC burger the same.

A man only being identified by his last name, Li, was stopped at China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport before getting on to his flight destined for Beijing after Xray scanner spotted something weird in his fast food packaging.

What looked like a snack being kept for later in Li's bag had odd protrusions poking out of it, which were noticed by the Xray scanner, reported by China’s Guangzhou Daily newspaper.

Mr. Li reportedly told airport security that there was nothing special in his bag but just a hamburger, stating “There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” .

The airport security investigated Mr. Li's KFC burger and discovered that the odd protrusions were legs and not the deep-fried chicken kind either but little turtle ones.

The turtle was being held in between two sesame seed buns and wrapped in KFC packaging.

The reason why Mr. Li disguised his turtle? He did not want to be separated from his pet whilst on his trip. 

Mr. Li eventually agreed to leave his pet turtle in the care of his friend as the airline did not allow pets onto the plane


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