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Mans Last Skydive Caught On Cam

footage shows the incident from a skydivers helmet cam depicting his last fall from the skies as his parachute gets tangled

The terrifying helmet cam footage shows the first person view of a skydiver's last fall to earth, as the video shows the panicked scenes of the skydiver's parachute, not opening. The skydiver has been named as Saint Petersburg resident Vladimir K, 36, and shows his final skydive over the village of Nikolskoye, district of Leningrad, Russia, which occurred on August 5th.

The frightening video shows Vladimir jumping out of a plane owned by skydiving company Novgorod DOSAAF.

Vladimir's last skydive
Vladimir's Last Moments, Northwest Investigation Department of Transport

His jump begins as a calm descent to the ground as Vladimir twists and turns in the skies. The panic begins at the 40-second mark of the video when his first parachute is seen tangled as Vladimir struggles to straighten the ropes attached.

Panic-stricken Vladimir, now spinning in the air opens his second lifeline only to discover that the second parachute is also tangled and only partially opened.

The fall to death commences as the video records his final moments of life as Vladimir twists and turns violently in the air with his semi opened parachute not able to aid him in creating enough resistance to slow him down and cushion the impact of the fall.

The ambulance arrived at the scene whilst Vladimir was still alive but the skydiver succumbed to his injuries and died in transit whilst in the ambulance. 

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