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A Tornado Shreds Through Buildings

Terrifying footage shows a tornado tearing open buildings in an industrial area in Nothern Vietnam

The footage of a destructive tornado was recorded from a dash cam of a car driving through the Yên Phong industrial district in Vietnam’s northern Bac Ninh Province on 7pm, Thursday evening, July 28.

The footage begins showing a man running towards the camera and a few light pieces of debris flying through the air in the distance, giving a sense of foreboding terror to the viewers and the person in the car.

Gusts of wind begin to increase in strength, blowing tarpaulin across the road, drivers in mopeds begin to look increasingly panic-stricken  as they look to the right and drive ahead in quick speed. 

Vietnam Tornado
Tornado, Tornado World/Youtube

The tornado comes into full view as it rips through the metal corrugated buildings leaving them flattened. The tornado leaves the industrial village looking very similar to that of a scene straight out of a disaster movie.

Thankfully, no one was reported to be injured during the terrifying tornado 

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