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Bad Haircut From Crazy Hair Stylist

Man receives a bad hair cut from hair stylists comes back for a refund gets more than he bargained for

A hair salon customer, Adam Cripe, went into En Salon located in Escondido, California, on Wednesday, 27th July,  the day after receiving a terrible haircut from a worker who alleged she was a hair stylist, who is also reported to be the owner's mother. When he asked her for a refund the lady had a crazy outburst which disturbed the upset customer. 

Crazy Hair Stylist
Crazy Hair Stylist's Mom, Liveleak

Adam Cripes walked into En Salon with a complaint of a bad haircut which he alleged was so bad that he had to shave off his hair to improve the look. In the middle of asking for a refund, he is confronted by the lady in the video. He explains the situation to the lady and asked for a refund. The ladies husband interrupts the conversations and asks the man, stating he was being a sissy and crying about it.  The annoyed customer replies to the man "f*** off", that was the moment that set the lady off, the lady begins a crazed verbal rampage at the man, so he decides to start recording the incident.

The woman demands that the man "get out" of the hair salon in a heated exchange of words. The lady then alleges that the man is hitting her whilst his hands are away from her. She begins to push the man, whilst screaming "get out of here!"

Whilst still arguing with the crazed lady, Mr. Cripe walks to the cashier's desk, asks for a refund, which he receives and then makes his way out of the salon.

En Salon
En Salon, Google Street View

As Adam walks out of the store he says the lady is "Insane", the lady replies "Let's get out here and pound it out". The man complains that the lady kicked him, which causes another flurry of words between the two, Adam then threatens to call the police.

After the release of the video, En Salon has received a barrage of bad reviews from customers on review sites, particularly Yelp. Their overall review score has depleted to 2.5 out of 5, with one reviewer writing "Awful. That's all I have to say about a business that lets the owners mom act like a lunatic when a paying customer asks for a refund after a bad service." Another person reviews the business and writes "They give horrible haircuts! Also, Not a fan of this business owner's mother assaulting an innocent man. No thanks!! At her age she knows better...She belongs in jail..."

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