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Bikers Block Motorway, Police Want Bikes

Biker's gather in their hundreds and block a motorway, police now threaten to seize their vehicles

On Sunday 24th July, hundreds of Motorcycles gathered for an event called 'Kill da Streetz,' where bikers in their masses stop the flow of traffic on busy roads. Police have responded to their last event and are now threatening to confiscate their motorcycles.

Hundreds of motorcycles were spotted on the I-25 motorway located in Denver, Colorado, as a fleet of bikers and large fumes of smoke could be seen from a large distance away.

Kill da streetz
Kill da streetz  event, LiveLeak

Many residents have complained about the event and the bikers, as they complain the motorcycle enthusiasts are  becoming a nuisance for regular drivers. Although the police have tried to downplay the incident as a spokesman for the Denver Police Department, Sonny Jackson stated, "We had I think three calls about the stoppage on the highway."

The police have decided to combat the nuisance two-wheelers by seizing the Biker's motorcycles through the cities public ordinance laws. If charged the bikers could face a fine and their bikes could be seized to up to a year. 

A police detective has been assigned to investigate the motorcycle nuisance problem and is requesting the public to come for the with any more videos or photos.

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