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Cinema: Man Pulls Out Gun After Child Kicks Seat

People carrying loaded weapons and children kicking seats a whilst watching a movie don't mix

Cinemark kentucky
The scene of the incident, Google Street View

The incident occurred during a Saturday morning, 11:50am, 23rd July, showing at Cinemark's in  Paducah, Kentucky.

The gun owner was sitting with his son in front of n another father and son. The son sitting behind the man repeatedly kicked the seat of the man gun carrier. The gun owner in irritation got up and verbally abused the boy, asking if he was going to carry on kicking his seat.  

The seat kicker's dad got up to defend his son, causing a fight in the cinema. the gun owner began losing the fight so he pulled out his weapon and said tho the seat kicker's dad,  "What the **** are you going to do now?", no shots were fired during the incident.

After the gun was revealed, other cinema goers exited the hall in a panic. Employees escorted the gun wielder out of the building and soon after the police arrested him, charges are yet to be filed.

In the guys defense kicking a cinema seat can get pretty annoying but at least the kid wasn't speaking throughout the movie. It is unreported as to what movie the cinema goers were watching.


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