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Truck Collides With Moving Train

Fatal train and truck collision caught on CCTV

How the driver didn't see the oncoming train approaching? Is a question that will go unanswered.

The vehicular train crash occurred approximately at 12.30pm on Monday the 25th of July, in the city of Barcsi, Somody county, Hungary.

Train truck collision in Hungary
Truck collides with Szombathely Pécs transportation train, Somogy County Police

The train-truck collision caused one fatality, as the driver of the truck died at the scene of the crash from the injuries he received.

The driver of the truck drove onto the trains tracks despite warnings to not cross. The truck was rammed on its side by the passenger train,Szombathely Pécs transportation, and exploded into a ball of flames. 39 people on the train were injured during the collision, none of them were in critical condition.

Train truck crash in Hungary 2
Aftermath, Somogy County Police

The  Barcsi Police Traffic Police Department is further investigating the situation.

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