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Ex Employee Robs Former Workplace

An Ex-employee robs a gas station he used to work at, recognised by his voice

An armed robbery occurred at a Shell gas station on Friday the 8th of July, located at 5100 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, Florida.

Shell Gas Station in Sarasota
Shell Gas Station on 5100 Fruitville Road, Google Street View

A man with a bandana covering his face entered the Gas station at 1.00pm armed with a long barrel handgun. He walked directly from the entrance to the touch screen cash register, emptying it of $270 cash, there is one employee seen on camera stacking shelves who did not notice the robbery suspect as he walks past.

When at the cash register he says a few words to the employees, "lay down , chill out, you won't get hurt", from these words the employees were immediately able to identify the armed robber as their former coworker, Joshua Ruiz, 33.

Joshua Ruiz
Joshua Ruiz, Sarasota Police Department

It was later found out the gun that Joshua was carrying was a pellet gun he stole from his roommate.

Joshua Ruiz was arrested and charged with armed robbery, he is currently being held on a $100,000(£760,000) bond.

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