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Calm Seller Scares Off Robber

An armed robber is deterred by the steely calmness of cashier

The incident occurred in Kemerovo, Russia, where a female convenience store clerk was working the till as a masked man wielding a gun walks in.

The incident was caught on surveillance footage, as a man wearing a ski mask and all black clothes steps in front of the cashier waving a pistol in the store clerks face. The shop clerk remains very calm and collected during the robbery, unnerving the armed robber.

The robber demands cash from the till, the girl reaches underneath till, presumably pressing a panic button to inform the local police of the robbery,  as she speaks to the armed assailant. The girl calmly refuses the assailant as he gets frustrated in his dashed efforts.

Kemerovo armed robbery
Attempted robbery, Artyom Revyakin/LiveLeak

The female seller begins to persuade the robber to calm himself by placing her hand closer to the gun as the robber begins to ramp up his aggression by shouting louder.

The cashier is not deterred and carries on to persuade the robber to calm down as she reaches down to press the panic button a couple more times. The masked assailant dispirited in his failed efforts to rob the convenience store runs out of the shop.

The police are investigating the crime and are asking the public to come forth if they have any further information on the masked man and his attempted robbery.

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