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Pregnant Lady Fights Back Wendys Drive-thru Attackers

Pregnant Wendy's worker fight back attackers over argument involving straws

On Sunday, June 26th, Pregnant fast food worker, Tori Repine, 19, was working at the drive-through window in Wendy's located in Independence, Missouri, when two female customers approached.

Location of the attack, Google Street View

The two females were in a purple colored Dodge Charger and were angry with the service they received from the fast food worker. They complained that Tori Repine had not provided them with enough straws and sauce packets and assaulted the pregnant young women. 

The first assault happened whilst Tori was serving the customers through the drive-through window. Initial reports to the police stated that after the assault Tori was dragged out of the drive-through window by the two assailants but after viewing the security footage it was revealed that Tori climbed out of the window herself to stop the two assailants from escaping.

After pregnant Tori exited the window she was attacked further by the two female suspects, reports indicate that a third woman in the car may have also been involved in the attack. Tori was left beaten before the suspects made their escape.

Tori Repine was taken to the local hospital for her injuries, doctors confirmed that she and her unborn baby will be fine.

The police are currently investigating the crime and have asked the public if they have any further information on two black women driving a purple colored Dodge Charger.

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