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Sikh Man Saves Swimmer From Drowning Using Turban

A Sikh man unravels his turban and uses it as rope to save the life of a struggling swimmer

Sikh men in water
Sikh men in water, File picture/Jeevan

The incident occurred at North Thompson River, located in Kamloops, Canada, reported  by Huffington Post Canada. A young woman was swimming in the river but after a strong current had overpowered her, she began to scream for help as she wasn't able to keep afloat.

Avtar Hathi and his son Paul were walking near the river bed when they heard the ladies screams for help, they quickly ran towards the sounds of desperation to aid the young woman.

One they saw the lady struggling in the water they advised the lady to swim closer to the river bed so they could grab her out, she was not able to. They began to search the nearby ground for items long enough to reach the swimming lady until Avtar had an idea.

Avtar unravelled his turban unveiling a three-metre long cloth which was thrown out to the lady and used like a rope. 

The lady grabbed the cloth with a tight grip and the two men were able to pull the lady out of the water. The young lady made it out the water safely and didn't suffer any injuries during her struggle in the water. After thanking the men she returned to her home.

Below is an unrelated video of a Sikh man using his turban to save a drowning dog

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