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Burglar Pours Sugar Over Himself

Man covers himself in powdered sugar before stealing beer

Trespasser faces the sweet taste of Justice and sugar...

Shannon Berry, 38, has been identified as the trespasser who burglarized restaurant Mother in Sacramento, California on Saturday the 25th of June. 

Shannon was scouting restaurants at around 1pm, until he found the empty restaurant with a door left partially open by an employee, Mother. He entered the restaurant and is spotted on surveillance footage creeping around behind the counter as a staff member walks towards the kitchen.

Shannon Berry
Shannon Berry, Sacromento Police

Shannon waits until the coast is clear then proceed to go behind the counter and steal items including bottles of beer and other random assortment of items whilst frantically showering himself with powdered sugar, Why? No one has a clue but it looks hilarious.

The weirdest part is that it looked as though Shannon Berry did not actually pour any sugar inside of his mouth.

Shannon Berry was later identified as the powdered sugar sprinkler, he was subsequently arrested by the Sacramento Police and held on a $20,000 bail.

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