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Woman Punched For Honking At Slow Pedestrian

A woman is assaulted in a road rage incident after honking at a slow walking pedestrian

Road raged pedestrian, Regional York Police
Road raged pedestrian, Regional York Police

Remember, when you're driving it takes you a lot less time to get somewhere than when you're walking, please don't agitate the walkers and walkers don't punch the drivers.

A woman was driving her car on Tuesday, May 31st, and came to a halt at an intersection at Bathurst Street, Vaughn, Ontario, Canada.

As she waited an unidentified man was crossing the road, when the lights turned green, the man was still crossing the road. The woman in the car became agitated and honked the horn at the slow walking pedestrian, indicating for him to speed up.

The man changed his walking direction and began walking towards the woman sitting in the car. It is unconfirmed if the man changed his walking speed when walking towards the car of the woman.

As the man walked to the driver side window he clenched his fist and punched the lady in the face. The woman, startled, got out of her vehicle,  she was quickly assaulted by the man a second time.

The woman was not seriously injured as police have stated she declined further medical attention.

The woman was able to capture the man's face as she had a dash cam installed in her car. The police have released his pictures after being unable to locate the individual through their investigation of the incident and now are requesting aid from the public.

The man has been identified as a male aged between 60-70 Years, 5'11", medium build, wearing a blue shirt, beige pants, has grey hair and grey facial hair. If you have any information on the agitated pedestrian contact York Regional Police.

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