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Burglar Seen Stealing Lotto Tickets, Comes Back To Cash Them In

Man breaks into convenience store and steals a roll of lotto tickets, comes back later to claim his winnings

Never return back to the scene fo the crime, no matter how worthwhile it may seem.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, June 8, at a convenience store located in the 5000 block of Lake Worth Road, Greenacres, Florida. A man can be seen on surveillance footage breaking in through the ceiling of the shop. 

Lottery ticket thief breaks in, PBSO
Lottery ticket thief breaks in, PBSO

Once inside the man headed directly for the lottery ticket machine, filling a brown paper bag with a roll of scratch-off tickets before climbing back up to the roof to make his escape. At this point, the convenience store owner didn't know that a robbery had occurred.

The same man who had stolen the lottery tickets returned a few days later to cash in on his winnings.

Lottery ticket thief cashes in, PBSO
Lottery ticket thief cashes in, PBSO

The convenience store owner was shocked when he discovered that he had been robbed and the robbery had taken place by the same person who later came back to the scene of the crime.

The video was released by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office who are currently looking for the brazen burglar in the video. It is unreported how many lottery tickets the man stole or how much he won from the tickets.

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