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Man Steals Dozens Of Star Wars Lego Sets

Shannon Kirkley has been arrested after stealing thousands of dollars worth of Star Wars Lego’s from Toys “R” Us

The police were able to piece together the almost perfect crime when they arrested Shannon Kirkley, 35, after discovering through CCTV footage of him stealing a Star Wars Lego box set from a Toys 'R' Us located in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Shannon walked into the Toy's 'R' Us, removed various security tags from the lego boxes and proceeded to fill up a toy chest with 12 Star Wars Lego sets worth $300(£210). He walked to the checkout carrying his haul but only paid for the toy chest and not the Lego which was hidden inside. The incident was caught on surveillance footage inside the store and the police were contacted.

Shannon Kirkley, Pasco Sherrif's Office
Shannon Kirkley, Pasco Sherrif's Office

The Pasco Sheriff's Office's report states that Shannon, the New Jersey native put up a fight when he was confronted by the police for stealing 12 large Lego sets and was subsequently arrested. Shannon Kirkley had cocaine and drug paraphernalia on his person at the time of arrest. 

When at the Sheriff's office it was found that Shannon is a suspect of Stealing lego from other toy stores throughout the country, it is estimated he has stolen thousands of dollars worth of Lego.

Shannon was charged with grand theft, resisting arrest, possession of cocaine and paraphernalia. May the force be with him.

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