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Drunk Customer Leaves $1000 Dollar Tip Takes It Back The Next Day

A Thai restaurant gets a tip that all restauranters dream of but it ended the very next day.

Thailicious, Google Street View
Thailicious, Google Street View

A Thai Restaurant named Thailicious, located in Edgewater, Colorado, received a very generous tip from a customer on the past weekend.

This tip was not just 15% or 20% tip but a tip of over 1600% of the actual cost of the meal! The tip the drunk customer gave was a startling $1088(£770) for a meal worth $60(£40).

The restaurant manager told the Denver Post about the waiter who received the tip, and how excited he was as  “He said he’d read a lot of stories like this, but usually the tip is a couple hundred dollars, not $1,000,”.

The restaurant managers made plans to put the tip in the joint tip jar and share out the rewards to the entire employees at the end of the week but they were counting their chickens before they had hatched.

The very next day the same customer came back to the surprise of the shop owners. He told the manager that he had reached into his wallet and handed them $100 bills as he thought they were $1 bills.

The customer profusely apologized for the mishap and left a generous $40 tip instead of the extra generous $1000 dollar tip, which rounded the total of his bill to $100 leaving the restaurant staff and manager very disappointed.

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