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Mass Escape From Brazilian Prison

Video released of 47 prisoners escaping from a Brazilian prison

A mass escape of 47 prisoners occurred on Tuesday the 7th of June at Monte Cristo Jail located in the Brazilian city of Boa Vista.

According to local reports, this was the second escape from the prison in less than 24 hours.

Prison officials state that the breakout began after 9:00pm. Prisoners were kept in large wards holding up to 200 inmates, they were able to walk freely through each wing of the ward.

They managed to break the padlocks off one of the prison wings. Inmates used ladder and stair which they constructed in their cells using materials available to them inside the prison to scale the 4 meter high walls of the prison. 

Escaping prisoners, Technical/LiveLeak
Escaping prisoners, Technical/LiveLeak

The video shows a mass of prisoner running out into the court area with two prisoners carrying a ladder and an explosion can be seen on the left side of the screen this was used to deter the prisoners but was mostly ineffective. One escaping prisoner was shot in the leg whilst running and another broke his foot trying to scale the wall, both were recaptured.

47 prisoners managed to escape the prison but 2 were captured a day later by police, reported by G1 Globo.

The Brazilian police are currently searching for the remaining prisoners.

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