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Drown Out Your Bathroom Noises With The Silent Loo App

The April fools joke has come to fruition after the demand for the product was overwhelming

The Silent Loo app was originally intended as an April fools joke as Bathstore and Saatchi & Saatchi London released an ad on the 1st of April showing an app which made noises dependent on what the user was doing in the bathroom.

If the bathroom goer had to discharge a light tinkle in the bathroom the user could play a slightly louder sound of a tap running on the app to mask the sound and if the user had to undergo a loud number 2 they could play a louder sound of a shower running to drown out their bathroom endeavours and keep a hold of their modesty.

The Silent Loo app, Bathstore/Youtube
The Silent Loo app, Bathstore/Youtube

After the original April Fools video went viral the demand for the app was duly noted as the company decided to pursue the venture.

On June 5th, the Silent Loo app was launched alongside World Environment Day. The Silent Loo app discourages the use of a running tap to aid in silencing the sounds of your toilet ventures and instead gives you the environmentally friendly option to play sounds from your phone.

The app lets you decide between the sounds of various water sounds ranging from the running tap to the hilariously terrifying sounds of a tsunami. The app is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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