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Couple Arrested After Trying To Sell Baby For $500 To $1000

West Virginian couple arrested after they try to sell their baby for $500 to $1000 to neighbours

Ashley Nicole Harmon and Jonathan Flint, Fayette County Sheriff's Office
Ashley Nicole Harmon and Jonathan Flint, Fayette County Sheriff's Office

Ashley Nichole Harmon, 25, and boyfriend, Jonathan Flint, 20 from Layland, West Virginia, tried to sell, Ashleys' 3-month old baby for $500-$1000(£350-£700) in an attempt to fund their drug addiction, reported by WZAS.

On May 28th, the couple took their child to a neighbour, Carolyn Redden and offered to sell their child for $1000. When they were refused they then lowered the price to $500. The couple was refused a second time, they then requested to Carolyn if she could babysit their infant so they could walk to the convenience store 5-miles away, Carolyn agreed.

Carolyn noticed the baby was sick and needed medical attention. The couple didn't return for several hours seemingly to Carolyn that they abandoned their child she contacted social services and the baby was taken away to a hospital.

The couple returned from their visit from the convenience store the next day finding their baby had gone. Carolyn contacted the police and Ashley and her boyfriend Jonathan were later arrested on the 3rd of June.

The child was sick and suspected of suffering from drug withdrawal and was treated at a hospital. The baby is currently in foster care.

The biological father had no knowledge of the mother trying to sell his child.

Ashley Nichole Harmon and Jonathan Flint have been charged with the Selling or Attempting to Sell A Child and Gross Child Neglect Creating A Risk of Bodily Injury or Death to A Child. they have been taken to Southern Regional Jail and their bond is set at $100,000 each.

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