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Museum Visitor Breaks Priceless Clock

Pennsylvania clock museum visitor breaks wooden clock sculpture

This is the exact reason museums tell you not to touch any of the displays.

The Pennsylvania's National Watch & Clock Museum based in Columbia, Pennsylvania was struck by a touchy-feely customer who wanted to get hands on with a  wooden clock sculpture.

The incident occurred on Tuesday the 31st of May and was caught on surveillance footage in the museum. A man and women can be seen in the footage looking at wooden clock sculpture created by artist James Borden. The man decides to try and work the weight mechanism of the wooden sculpture to see how the sculpture functions.

He first pulls the weight on the left side and the weights begin to bob up and down on both sides. The man is still curious about the sculpture and tries to grab a part of it at the top moving a piece which looks like a hammer. He then spends the next 30seconds rubbing the sculpture before the inevitable happens, the wooden sculpture falls and breaks apart on the ground.

Wooden clock Sculpture, Pennsylvania's National Watch & Clock Museum
Wooden clock Sculpture, Pennsylvania's National Watch & Clock Museum 

The man tries to do his beast trying to put the sculpture back on the wall and fix the mess with the lady picking up the pieces on the floor the man gives up and walks away from the wreckage.

The video was posted to Instagram and Youtube with the description 'This is why we beg visitors not to touch museum object.'

NBC Philadelphia reported, museum director Noel Poirier gave his assurance that the wooden sculpture would be repaired and put back on display in the next few months.

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