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Mother Faked Daughter's Disappearance To Get Back At Father

Mother reports the disappearance of her daughter and blames it on her daughter's father

Shavaughn Vaugn and Antwan Holliday, Sacramento Police Department
Shavaughn Vaugn and Antwan Holliday, Sacramento Police Department

Shavaughn Vaugn, 43 and boyfriend Antwan Holliday, 44, from Sacramento, California, devised a plan to enact revenge on her daughter's father, by framing him of kidnapping his own daughter.

The police were contacted on the 31st of May when they when they received reports of a missing 10-year-old girl . The police reports stated that the girl went missing on the 1200 block of 58th Avenue Tuesday morning  after her grandfather dropped her off to see her father.

Shavaughn told the police that the father was hiding her daughter but the police treated the situation as a missing child case due to the severity of the situation. Sergeant Bryce Heinlein of the Sacramento Police told KFBK News Radio "We treated this as an incident where this child was missing and potentially at risk. The amount of time that goes into something like this can be frustrating,"

The police investigated all parties of the missing child by interviewing them and they concluded that the mother, Shavaughn Vaughn, was lying about the hiding of her child. The police searched all homes and found the 10-year-old safe at the boyfriend,  Antwan Holliday's home.

The mother and the boyfriend were both arrested and charged with reporting a false emergency, delaying police and conspiracy.

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