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A Very Sticky Japanese Advertisement

Watch how a cockroach trap immobilizes a scientist, a sprinter and a sumo

What does a scientist, sprinter and sumo all have in common? They all get stuck on this sticky trap made for cockroaches. 

The bizarre advert is adamant in showing you the strength of their sticky pad. They go to the extent of showing you that not only does it have the strength to halt the footsteps of an insect but that of three adult individuals by challenging them to the task of running to the other side of the sticky surface.

The sticky pad on one side is a non-sticky, highly decorative, pop-up box that depicts cartoon cockroaches living in a house and on the other is a highly sticky surface with small beads which attracts the insects towards the sticky surface.

The sticky pad, EarthChemical/Youtube
The sticky pad, EarthChemical/Youtube

Scientist VS Sticky-Pad

The scene begins by challenging the smallest member of the trio "The scientist". The scientist is high in intelligence and skill but lacks, speed,stamina, and power. He begins by walking on the surface and hilariously comes to a halt as he is overcome by the pad and is immobilised in one spot. He struggles to move forward as he falls to his knees trying to exert himself straight ahead. his forearms become stuck on the surface as his feet separate themselves from his shoes. The scientist loses to the sticky pad.

Sticky-Pad 1-0

Sprinter VS Sticky-Pad

The sprinter is next up to the challenge as his stats read that he is the highest in speed and average in all other traits. The sprinter confidently warms up as he takes his position on a starting block. The sprinter manages to take 3 footsteps with his shoes on and is able to take 2 steps more with his shoes off as the sticky surface leaves him in his socks. The sprinter had a good start but lacked the stamina and strength to propel him further as he lies on the sticky surface in defeat. 

Sticky-Pad 2-0

Sumo VS Sticky-Pad

last up is the domineering sumo who is colossal in comparison to the other challengers but will it help him beat the sticky surface? The sumo's best strength is his strength as his power trait is off the chart, he also has an above average stamina level  but all his other abilities are pretty average. The sumo takes a stance at the beginning of the sticky runway, noticeably not wearing any footwear as he decides to go barefoot for this endeavor. The buzzer goes off and he gets stuck after a few footsteps on the sticky surface until the stickiness overwhelms the sumo as he falls belly first onto the surface. Hilariously, there is a shot of his belly being stuck to the floor as he struggles to push himself up but to no avail.

Sticky-Pad Wins 3-0

The sprinter made it furthest in the tests but no one succeeded in beating the sticky pad.

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