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Girl Asks Man To Be Her Adoptive Dad

An emotional clip of a girl asking the man who raised her to be her adoptive father

Here's a short clip which is sure to pull on your heart strings, a girl proposes to the man who raised her, to become her new father. 

The 3 and a half minute clip begins with what seems to be a birthday for the unbeknownst to him, prospective adoptive father. A teenage girl passes a red boxed gift to the man who raised her. She tells him "you have to read this out loud", he then jokingly replies back "is this gonna make me cry?" People laugh in the background as the girl says no to his reply.

Father and daughter to be, LiveLeak
Father and daughter to be, LiveLeak

The man sits back down, quickly telling onlookers not to record and takes a big inhale while looking at the shiny red, boxed gift. The gift reads "I just want you to know you're the most amazing man I have ever met" he jokes that you wrote 'dad' in the message previously. The message goes on to note the landmarks in their relationship, such as the time the teenage girl forged his signature at school and when they went to their first rock concert together. The message ends with "open the damn box already, it's okay to cry".

He opens the box to find a batman versus superman onesie, which everybody laughs at when its unboxed. He searches further into the box to find another letter the dad is filled with emotion when looking at the letter. The letter is an adoption letter which the new adoptive father is unable to read out loud he then gives his new adoptive daughter a hug.

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