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Fog Point: Vodka Made From San Francisco Fog

A $125 vodka made from the foggy mists of San Francisco

This is made specifically for two markets people who are drunkenly in love with San Francisco and have a spare $125(£86) lying around or people who like to collect weird Alcoholic drinks.

Fog Point is the name of the drink and strangely enough, Hangar One, the company who produces the drink are not actually based in San Fransico but reside in the city of Almeda, California.

Fog Point, Hangar One
Fog Point, Hangar One

The company has released an ad for their new beverage online, the advertisement states that Fog Point is made from 60% San Fransico Fog. They claim to have come up with the idea of using fog to support water conservancy in California so when Californians run out of water they can still have the option to drink themselves to death. No, but seriously their ad states that all profits will go to aid water conservancy in California.

The fog is collected by capturing the water vapors in the air by using their fog catchers, which are basically mesh like nets erected in the air and beads of water get stuck in its fiber, trickle down into a bucket and then using it in the normal process of making Vodka, which we won't go into detail about.

What next, vodka made from rain water from London? Or vodka made from the snow from Alaska? Better yet, vodka made from the flood water of Guangzhou, China


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