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Car For Sale: Absolute Piece Of Excrement

Woman tries to sell her 2004 Mini Cooper giving a very honest description of her vehicle

Mini Cooper S from Hell, Ebay

Rachel Young from Durham, United Kingdom has placed a hilariously honest advertisement for her 2004 Mini Cooper S, the S standing for Satan, on Ebay.

In the description of her vehicle, she holds no punches in telling her the future buyer how much she hates it and how much trouble it's caused her. She compares her Mini Cooper to the breakdown of her marriage asserting that her vehicle had more issues.

She stated that on the first day of her having the vehicle it had blown up and it took 11 days for the garage to fix it, she got the vehicle back and immediately there was a problem with the cars radiator and the piston rings, which needed another 9 days in the garage. In total the expenses were over a £1,000($1400) within 20 days of owning her new car.

She rants on and says she rather lose a limb or have her mentally unstable ex-husband back than drive her Mini Cooper, any longer.

She finally expresses that she would rather have thrush than her Mini Cooper.


She put up her car on the auction site for 2 days starting at £0.00 yesterday and now with a day and a half to go the current bid is at £6,200($9000). In conclusion if you're trying to sell something try and make it go viral for you to get the best price out of your product.

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