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Woman Falls Down 3 Storeys In Trash Chute Trying To Find Keys

A Salem woman crushed her leg in a trash compacter in a bid to find her neighbour's keys

Reports have come in from Salem, Massachusetts, of an unidentified woman, 38-years-old, living in an apartment block, falling down a trash chute after trying to search for her neighbour's keys, her leg was crushed by the trash compactor in the process. 

The incident occurred on the 16th of May, 5.00Am on Monday morning at the Loring towers apartment complex. The police arrived at the scene after receiving a call of a woman falling down a trash chute. An unnamed 19-year-old man, was hysterical when the police arrived, he kept repeating to the officer "you have to help me, you have to help me", through further investigation the man told the police that he had lost his keys and his neighbour, a 38-year-old woman had aided him in trying to retrieve them.

Loring Tower Apartment Complex
Loring towers apartment complex,

The man had dropped his keys down the trash chute along with his trash, which he was disposing of. He met with the 38-year-old lady and asked her if she helped retrieved his keys he would give her $20. The lady agreed to the offer, so the duo devised a plan to retrieve his keys, the man held on to the ladies feet as she was lower down the trash chute, this didn't work. The next stage in their plan was to tie a sheet on the woman leg and lower her down the trash chute. As the woman was being lowered the sheet gave way and ripped causing the lady to fall three stories down the apartment complex landing in the trash compactor.

When the lady fell down the chute the trash compactor had turned on, crushing the ladies leg. When the police found her, the ladies leg was bent and twisted the other way. She was swiftly taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for medical treatment.

No charges were filed in the incident.

Below is an unrelated video of a man going down a trash chute from the third floor.

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