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Cow Attacks Two Men During Honor Killing

A minor girl is stabbed and killed by her father and uncle, the attacker are attacked by a cow

A minor girl from Gwailor, Madhya Pradesh, India was stabbed to death by her father and uncle on Friday the 13th, in an act of 'Honor killing' after eloping with a 22-year-old man named Sonu.

When the father heard of her daughter's relationship he contacted the police, Sonu and the minor girl were arrested. Sonu was sent to jail whilst the victim, who was being released, pleaded to be sent to a women's shelter run by an NGO out of her village, her plea was met.

Cow attacking the attackers, jasonandrews2014 /LiveLeak
Cow attacking the attackers, jasonandrews2014 /LiveLeak

Later, the victim's father, Kalyan Singh, and the victim's uncle, Lakhan Singh, found the location of the women's shelter where their daughter/niece was located. CCTV footage shows the two men entering the women's shelter and attacking the minor with a knife. During the honor killing, the two attackers are mauled by a cow but they still managed to kill the daughter and escape.

The father and uncle are avoiding arrest as they are yet to turn themselves into the police, reported by Hindustan Times.

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