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Gamers Win A Cow In A Competition

Tunisian Couple win a cow after coming first in a mobile gaming competition for the app named "Bagra"

This story is udderly ridiculous. Tunisian app developers Digital Mania have made a new app called "Bagra", which translates to 'cow' in English. The objective of the game is to steal your opponents herd of cows whilst preventing the opponent from stealing your own, reported by Tuniscope.

To promote their new app they decided to hold a competition , to find out who was the best cow catcher in Tunisia, with the winners winning a cow named Pamela. The competition was hard with many people unable to achieve the glorious title of the ultimate cow catcher. The winner's of the competition were an unnamed couple who had won Pamela the cow. The winner got three options they could either take the cow home, they could donate the cow to a charity or they could take the cow as meat, oh gosh. Thankfully, they opted to take the cow home alive.

Pamela The Cow, Tuniscope/Youtube
Pamela The Cow, Tuniscope/Youtube

Runner ups of the event received tablets and mobile phones, whilst the winners saw a cow-driven to their house in the back of a pickup truck. You have to ask yourself who actually won?

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