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Indian Jains: Let Our Monks Defecate In Public

Indian religious group, Jains are appealing to the Indian Government to allow Monks to defecate in public areas

The Digamber Jain Social Group Federation, are rallying for monks following their faith exemption from the upcoming legislation banning all from defecating in the public.

The Digamber Jain monks renounce clothes for their lifetime and consume food and liquids once in a day. They live outside, sleeping on the streets and are not allowed to take anything unless given to them.

Digambar Jain guru
Digambar Jain guru, Arian Zwegers/CCBY

The Indian Government is seeking to abolish the act of defecation in public areas by the year of 2019. The government is building public toilet facilities around the country and encouraging local states and governments to enforce stricter laws regarding public defecation and urination. These laws are being put in place to increase public health and sanitation.

Digamabara Jains are one of the biggest sects in the Jain faith, they have argued that defecating in public is part of the lifestyle of the Jain monk. It is cited in the religious documentation that a Digamabara Jain is required to dispose of the body waste at a place free from living beings.

Ravindra Jain, the acting president of the Digamber Jain Social Group Federation claims to have sent a message to state minister of Madhya Pradesh, Gopal Bhargava, about exempting the Digamber Jain monks from the legislation. The ministers personal assisatnt denied claims of recieving any such message by stating “The minister has not received any such memorandum in the last one week from any representative body of the Jain community", Hindustan Times reported.

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