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A Hotel Has A Number You Can Dial For A Bedtime Story

MOXY Hotel in Arizona has a number for you to dial to listen to bedtime stories

MOXY Phoenix Tempe, located in Arizona, USA, has started a new feature for their visitors and that is the ability to call to hear bedtime stories to help customers fall asleep.

Dial 68 for bedtime stories, ToxicSteve13, Reddit
Dial 68 for bedtime stories, ToxicSteve13, Reddit

The picture of the phone with dial 68 for bedtime stories went  viral on Reddit. ToxicSteve13, who posted the picture wrote "I called and it said 'OH! Someone must have had writer's block because we don't have a story for you' basically a huge disappointment".

Sadly, no bedtime stories at this hotel, but there is a hotel that provides bedtime stories for their guests, ACE Hotels located in Los Angeles and London have a feature of bedtime stories for their sleepless patrons. Below, is their playlist of bedtime stories.

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