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Top 5 Weirdest Cooking Methods

Here we list the 5 weirdest cooking methods we have come across

The countdown begins for the weirdest cooking methods we could conjure up (find on Youtube).

5 - Make ice-cream with dry-ice

Very cool idea, especially considering decent ice-cream makers cost a fortune

4 - Cook on your car engine

This guy calls it a carbecue, wonderful

3 - Cooking meat with hair straighteners

yep, cook your bacon and sausages in a hair straightener for a delicious sandwich

2 - Ironing A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Seems very convenient especially if you don't own a sandwich maker or a grill

1 - Cooking an entire meal inside the dishwasher

One problem you 'll have to turn the dishwasher on twice once to cook the food and second to clean your dishes or you could clean your dishes the next time you cook your meal, definitely weird.

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