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Alligator Eats Another Alligator In An Alligator Reserve!

Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator> Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Turtle?

Alligator eats Alligator, Andrew Lilyquist
Alligator eats Alligator, Andrew Lilyquist

The incident occurred in Circle B Bar Nature Reserve located in Lakeland, Florida. The incident involved  a large alligator cannibalizing a smaller alligator all caught on camera by Andrew Lilyquist, who uploaded the image to Facebook.

A number of other people saw the same incident causing a mass of pictures and videos to hit the net of the cannibalistic predator attacking a smaller member of its species.

Below, are a couple of videos depicting the very hungry alligator eating the other smaller alligator.

Below, are two videos of unrelated incidents to the above story of alligators eating alligators because today we learn that alligators are cannibals.

And finally, an alligator eating huge turtle just for fun!

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