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Drunk Passenger Claims To Be Millionaire Thrown Off Flight

An unruly drunk passenger filmed defying air attendees and yelling obscenities is removed from filght

A drunk passenger on a JetBlue flight travelling from Long Beach to Sacramento, California, USA had his antics and claims caught on tape before he was kicked off of the plane.

The video begins with the drunk passenger walking along the aisle with his head down looking at his phone. A flight attendant can be heard telling the man repeatedly to sit down, she is then seen trying to grab the man's arm and place him in his seat, to no avail, the drunk passenger refuses and carries on walking.

The man then goes on to disrespect other passengers, by calling another passenger a 'nerd' and says 'look at yourself, Mr. Bald, can't even grow a set of hair".

The man sits down for a second and immediately gets back up and begins another rant. He claims to the person seated in the parallel aisle "I'm 28, I make $4 million a year. What do you do?" and then goes on to say "Nothing, shut the f*** up". After his outburst, he sits back in his seat,continuing to argue with the same passenger from before. The passenger calls the drunkard a loser, the drunk unruly passenger quips back, "Right, I'm a loser, I own 6 houses".

David Brackett the millionaire?, Getting Near/Youtube
David Brackett the millionaire?, Getting Near/Youtube

The drunk passenger is then escorted off the plane by the air cabin crew.

The drunk passenger is believed to be David Brackett, who is the vice president at California real estate and mortgage company part of Homeland Financial Network but the claims have not yet been proven.

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