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The Ultimate Prank Call Leaves Burger King Windowless

A prank caller convinces burger king employees to smash their restaurant windows

A Burger King located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA, received a phone call from a person claiming they were from the Coon Rapids Fire Department. The person made claims to the employees that the fast food restaurant had become too pressurized, which would cause the establishment to explode.

The person over the phone stated that to relieve the pressure in the restaurant they had to smash all the windows. The employees convinced that it was a real call from the fire department told customers to evacuate the building and then began smashing all the windows.

Burger King's smashed windows boarded up, KSTP-TV

Soon after they smashed the windows they caught on to the prank and contacted the police. The police are currently investigating the situation.

One of the employees was injured during the smashing of the windows, receiving a minor cut on the hand, no other injuries were reported. The window damage has been estimated  to be at $10,000.

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