Weird Transport and Travel News

A driver,Bruce Dewey, who was currently in a police chase dialed them to stop pursuing him

An epic duel of stubbornness occurs on top of a single lane bridge, only one driver can prevail

An SUV crashes into a convenience store at a Shell gas station injuring the clerk

Carnival Vista's departure cause large waves to destroy boats in the nearby Italian Marina

A transit officer pulls a man from a train track seconds before a train approaches

The suspect, Logan Younger, escapes police handcuffs, the police cruiser crashes and logan flies out the back window

Florida sheriff is pulled over for speeding by civilian

A police car was struck on its side and flipped over after attempting to chase a vehicle which ran a red light

The odds are looking pretty good for the train, but i like to see underdogs win

Footage of a man who missed his flight trying to chase the stationed plane by running on the tarmac

The new Congestion friendly buses are being taken out for a test drive

Biker's gather in their hundreds and block a motorway, police now threaten to seize their vehicles

A man makes his great getaway attempt on his electric scooter and managed to evade capture

Fatal train and truck collision caught on CCTV

A canopy at a Blue line train station has collapsed after a direct lightning strike

A man has been arrested after throwing a fake bomb into a police car in the middle of Manhattan

A car owner has had his car taken away after sawing off his roof, police deem it unsafe to drive

Man defecates pants in an attempt to stop police officers arresting him after traffic stop

Police officer holds on to the window of suspects car as he drives away

An Illegal Immigrant has been found inside a suitcase whilst being carried onto a train in Switzerland