Weird Transport and Travel News

A driver tries to save his sister and fiance in a robbery attempt runs one of them over, he is then shot dead by the...

A man has been charged with a felony after using a device which blocks his license plate, so he doesn't have to pay ...

A truck driver uses his martial arts training to jump kick phone thief from his moving scooter

23-year-old Floridian Michael Planes stole a Jacksonville Patrol car, he was caught after claiming to be a witness i...

Thieves use a stolen dump truck to rip out an ATM

A wanted man was found by police officer as he jumped out of the trunk of his mom's car

18-year-old from Canby stole back his jeep due to dissatisfaction with his traded vehicles

The Grappler is introduced to police chases, its purpose is to grab the back of evading criminals vehicles

Traffic police in China have uploaded pictures on social media of their bizarre punishment for high beam violaters

A ladies stolen Subaru was returned after a someone took the wrong vehicle

A man dressed as a tree is arrested after he attempts to block traffic whilst pretending to be a plant

A suspected drunk driver crashed into a medical helicopter over the weekend

A car washer turns the tables on thief trying to steal from a car wash

Police responding to an emergency a helped by a learner driver to reach their destination

A BMW E30 Enthusiast parked his car inside his living room during Hurricane Matthew

A man was spotted riding on a big wheel through Interstate 76 in Philadelphia

Taylor Wade Parker shot his own tires out after a shot went off when he his shotgun out of the window

Typhoon Megi has left a trail of carnage, here are some of the most bizarre standout moments

An angry flyer is suing Emirates after making him sit next to a fat passenger in economy class

A small skydiving plane lands on top of a house and surprisingly everyone in the plane and the residents of the hous...