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A Florida man is arrested after he used a forklift to pin his girlfriend to bus to stop her from leaving after they ...

Twitter user records a man on the hood of a car traveling down the I-95 going at speeds of 70mph

A man has been accused of stealing a tractor as well as leading the police on a short and slow speed chase

A driver recorded his own robbery on his dashcam, he showed police the footage to clear his name of a car crash

William Cartwright allegedly steals an ATV during a test drive, tries to evade arrest by hiding in a pond

A woman gives a new meaning to the word carpool, as she forgets to put her vehicle in park leaving her loved ones in...

A man has been arrested after he allegedly threw a rock at a vehicle that tried to pass him on the highway

A man frustrated on the wait time for emergency services allegedly stole an ambulance that was parked outside the ho...

An unnamed man was caught riding his ATV completely nude the wrong way down a highway, he refused to stop for the po...

A man traveling down a Florida highway gets his SUV's gas pedal stuck and goes up to speed of 100mph

An inebriated man urinates all over a Spirit Airline's planes carpet, he is quickly apprehended

A man has been arrested for blinding a police helicopter pilot by flashing a laser pointer from the ground

A Californian man refuses to tell the police why he is driving with a human skull in the trunk

A man has been charged with reckless driving after he complained of the safety of an intersection and then proved it...

A Phoenix man breaks into a train yard and attempts to steal not one but two trains

Justice Hunter Cureton assaulted other surfers by throwing beer cans at them, he surfs away to avoid arrest

A woman allegedly shot a homeless man after he requested her to turn down her music so he could sleep

A driver driving whilst intoxicated managed to hit a total of 17 cars whilst he was trying to park his car

a 65-year-old woman had a fare dispute with a taxi driver, in revenge, she stole his taxi and picked up passengers

A man from Florida drives his Buick backward along a busy road, whilst his license is suspended

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