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A man has been charged after he was reported to be wearing a clown mask and jumping into traffic scaring motorists

A man scares and entire family after he wears a mop on his head, and requests eggs

A man is wanted by the police after he is spotted in a cab office biting a woman's ear in an unprovoked attack

6000 Penn State University students join in the mass hysteria and hunt clowns after three are spotted

A humongous inflatable duck was spotted in Glasgow causing a ruckus

Brandon Jerome Moody & Rebecca Moody call 911 and claim to have spotted evil clowns lurking in the neighborhood

Witness a low-speed Police chase of a police car and a Ufo through the streets of Ireland!

Hacker breaks into German couples laptop and uses the camera and speakers to prank couple

An Oklahoma Man jumped behind the counter and demanded food whilst making strange claims of coming from the future

Find out why everyone is freaking out at this couples selfie

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