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A man was caught by the police as he got his hand stuck in the church donation box, he needed money to fuel his drug...

Jacob Michael Bortz shouts 'I am God!', and proceeds to punch a police officer in the head

A man pulls out a gun on a self-defense instructor whilst telling him “martial arts are crap”

A North Carolina priest gets into a road rage incident in Florida, he points a gun in a fit of rage

A woman smeared her poop on a church's front door, broke some of its windows because the church leader was attacking...

A woman is caught on surveillance footage allegedly trying to steal donated clothes from a donation bin outside of a...

A naked woman on drugs was arrested after fleeing into a church claiming that Jesus was chasing her

A Vero Beach man walks into a church and dropped his pants in front of the congregation

A woman pours her roommate's father's ashes over a police officer's leg

A Jewish man was forced to remove his clothing at gunpoint outside of his apartment building

Granny is spotted stealing packages from outside of victims front porch

Kyrgyz police are looking for two men spotted cooking potatoes and eggs on the eternal flame a ww2 memorial

A Sikh man unravels his turban and uses it as rope to save the life of a struggling swimmer

What kind of person are you when even the priest wants to punch you?

The new Testament has been translated into Emoji language so Christianity can better relate with millennials

Elderly man steals a religious painting from a Manhattan Church in Broad daylight

CCTV footage has been released of a man urinating in a hospital synagogue located in Israel

Indian religious group, Jains are appealing to the Indian Government to allow Monks to defecate in public areas

Muslim Man & a Jewish lady walk in a Jewish community whilst A Jewish Man & a Muslim Lady walk in a Muslim community

Wrestler, pees in Buddhist temple, kicks statue of Buddha and then is chased by an angry mobs and forced to apologis...

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