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Police were called to the scene for a 'man biting a woman' turns out just to be extras dressed as zombies on their w...

A hilarious recording of a woman in Barnstaple, England calling up Barnstable Police in Massachusetts

A Floridian man uses a wanted picture as his Facebook Profile picture, he manages to aid the police in his arrest

Shaun Miller dresses up as an elderly man in an attempt to evade the police

Pokemon Go player, plays Pokemon go whilst driving , crashes into car and the police catch the incident on bodycam

Man believes the two men waiting late night outside of his home to be burglars, turns out to be nerds

A black man creates a Gofundme so racists can send him back to Africa

Peeping Tom caught in Walmart trying to record underneath women's changing facility

A ceiling collapse at a wedding ceremony kills three people injuring 30

A Walgreens worker fights a customerer after a confrontation, the fight ends with the customer tapping out

Man is evicted from mobile home park, pours bucket of brown slurry into communal pool

Pennsylvania clock museum visitor breaks wooden clock sculpture

TV reporter Jonathan Lowe pooped on someone's yard and they called the police

A Salem woman crushed her leg in a trash compacter in a bid to find her neighbour's keys

Now this is what you call a team effort

Finland Opens Worlds first Burger King spa where you can enjoy a whopper whilst heavily sweating

A woman harnesses her inner karate kid by giving a police officer a crane kick before she is arrested

A man with a patch over his eye shoots himself in the head with a flare gun, unsurprisingly the flaregun is painful

Pie-shaped house goes on sale in Seattle

A compulsive hoarder has been found by police underneath a mound of rubbish after it toppled on top of him

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