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Homeless street painter stabs tourist from Chicago with scissors using his feet

A man rips a urinal off of a bathroom wall inside a restaurant, when confronted he runs into the woods, stark naked

An 82-year-old woman spits in a police officer's face after he tried to come in between an argument

Polk County Sheriff's officers have tweeted for evacuees with warrants to stay in jail instead of at a shelter durin...

A man was arrested after using store items within the store not realizing that he had to pay for them

A man pulls out a knife during an altercation, his opponent pulls out a chainsaw

A man wanted for a felony charge hides from the police inside luggage at his sisters home

A woman posed as a doctor, she supported her claim by buying awards from a trophy store

A man wearing a SpongeBob outfit break into the home of a sleeping woman stand over here while she sleeps

A naked Floridian man threatens a police officer with a screwdriver at a car wash, gets tased

Prosecutors drop case of a deaf man beaten because he couldn't hear three police officers orders.

A female inmate uses another woman'ss document and is set free after successfully impersonating an inmate

A New York bank executive tries to hide his mugshot from appearing in the local newspaper by buying all the copies

A video has been uploaded to youtube of a Mannequin Challenge which was made using contraband phones inside prison

A man who discharged his firearm claims he only did so because a 70-year-old lady was typing too loudly

A man who has been blasting his air horn in his car for weeks is finally caught by the police

a man is spotted inside a shop cutting his toe off with bolt cutters and proceeding to eat it in front of horrified ...

Missing man replies to an appeal on Nottinghamshire Police's Facebook page

Crenshanda Williams hung up on callers because ain't nobody got time for this. For real.

Tasmanian woman confronts police officers with running chainsaw, whilst verbally abusive and threatening

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