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A West Palm Beach man has been arrested for pushing a shrimp platter into his pregnant girlfriend's face

Cards Against Humanity put together a project to dig a giant hole in the ground, they received $100,000 in donations

An 11-year-old boy was caught by Ontario Highway Police, boy says he wanted to know what driving feels like after pl...

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 25th November 2016

A wanted man was found by police officer as he jumped out of the trunk of his mom's car

Domino's Pizza in Japan is testing out pizza delivery by reindeer for the Christmas holidays

A Floridian woman gets tired of her loud house guests, so she pulls out a gun and begins to unload bullets into thei...

A man fails to break into convenience store despite throwing large rock

A shoplifter leaves her daughter behind as she struggles by the front door to escape from authorities

A Floridian man pees inside the walk-in cooler on top of a stack of Busch beer at a 7-Eleven

Police are searching for a man in a gorilla suit who burst into Idaho student apartment and terrified residents

18-year-old from Canby stole back his jeep due to dissatisfaction with his traded vehicles

A man is caught throwing a dog into a dumpster and then beating the animal behind apartment complex

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 18th November 2016

A clumsy robber breaks into a Brazilian garage and doesn't look wherre he's going

A man dissolved after trying to bathe in the wrong hot spring in Yellowstone National Park

A woman has been was arrested and charged with false report to police station after a facebook post claiming to be k...

Why? because the drunken driver wanted to cover himself head to toe with the perfume

A man who has been blasting his air horn in his car for weeks is finally caught by the police

A ninja is spotted inside an Alaskan comic store stealing a katana sword

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