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An Angry mom gets revenge on her son's boss after he fires him

A truck driver uses his martial arts training to jump kick phone thief from his moving scooter

A man gives a false police report of a robbery to stop his wife from discovering he slept with another woman

A man punches an employee over cold fries he was served at Shake N Steak drive through

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 16th December 2016

A man who robbed a gas station in Florida used a drawn on black beard as a disguise

A boyfriend refuses to pay for his girlfriend's hair and nails, gets stabbed in an act of rage

A former WWE Pro wrestler takes down an armed robber who tried to rob him at gas station

Granny is spotted stealing packages from outside of victims front porch

A man in Kentucky dials 911 and a dispatcher takes notes of his plans to rob a restaurant where Police Chief was eat...

Best Buy workers buy a Christmas gift for a boy who came in to play the display model of Wii U every day.

A man pretending to be a dentist pulled teeth of a patient without anesthesia, police called after tooth pull goes w...

A video has been uploaded to youtube of a Mannequin Challenge which was made using contraband phones inside prison

Kyrgyz police are looking for two men spotted cooking potatoes and eggs on the eternal flame a ww2 memorial

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 9th December 2016

23-year-old Floridian Michael Planes stole a Jacksonville Patrol car, he was caught after claiming to be a witness i...

A Walmart greeter is tased by a stun gun after she asks 2 thieves where their receipt is for the television they're ...

A man who discharged his firearm claims he only did so because a 70-year-old lady was typing too loudly

A 62-year-old Floridian man, Alan Ralph, was caught looking up multiple women's skirts whilst shopping in Walmart

A 19-year-old was refused an extra pork chop at a girls home, she sets alight the bathroom in rampage

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