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Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 20th January 2017

Jeffery Allen Davis calls the police in an attempt his involvement in the crime, he soon becomes the prime suspect

Prosecutors drop case of a deaf man beaten because he couldn't hear three police officers orders.

A drunken woman asks police officer if they could help her find her teeth and shoes, officers find her belongings in...

A crazed woman fights leaves deep scratch wounds on a police officer after she uses a taser on a man's privates

An enraged UberEats driver shoots up an eatery after an argument with the owner

A man has been charged with a felony after using a device which blocks his license plate, so he doesn't have to pay ...

CCTV: A thief takes a snake out of its cage and proceeds to hide it in his pant leg before leaving the store

A man who was evading the police stole a woman's car whilst her children were still inside

A husband murders his wife and tries to cover it up by impersonating her on facebook

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 13th January 2017

A dispatcher alerts the Niagra Falls police that a caller just requested them to stop the winds from blowing because...

A man from Florida has been arrested after his family member caught him having sex with his dog, she claims it went ...

A naked man breaks into a home in search of sesame seeds to top his burger, possibly high on synthetic marijuana

A female inmate uses another woman'ss document and is set free after successfully impersonating an inmate

A third-grade teacher has been caught with syringes and heroin capsules, reports show he went to school high

A man is jailed for three days after police mistake his bag of cat litter for half a pound of methamphetamine

A man has a standoff with the police after his wife takes a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich

A man steals a remote control from an apartment complex in Wheaton but leaves a glove, which traces his DNA to sever...

A New York bank executive tries to hide his mugshot from appearing in the local newspaper by buying all the copies

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