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A Jewish man was forced to remove his clothing at gunpoint outside of his apartment building

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 3rd February 2017

A good samaritan unknowingly becomes bank robbers getaway driver, he later helps the police locate him

An elderly man is stopped by the police he accelerates over the curb and crashes into an auto parts store

An Australian woman complains to the police over an increase in the price of marijuana

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of January 2017

A burglary suspect gets stuck in a home's chimney, is rescued by firefighters

A man wearing a SpongeBob outfit break into the home of a sleeping woman stand over here while she sleeps

A drunken man calls the police requesting them what should he do? After a dog eats his hearing aid

A Floridian man shoots and kills his stepson after an argument over a chili dog

A man who received a speeding ticket claimed that the police radar gun caught the deer speeding not him

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 27th January 2017

Fast food worker at Jacks has been arrested after she was accused of smearing her menstrual blood on customers chees...

A naked Floridian man threatens a police officer with a screwdriver at a car wash, gets tased

A man scares and entire family after he wears a mop on his head, and requests eggs

A man break into a home completely naked attacks a man and pushes an elderly woman in a wheelchair to the ground

A woman beats her housemate with a paper towel and a decorative duck after he ate all her cereal

A woman has been accused of vandalizing cars with bananas at President Trumps Mar-a-Lago Club

A deputy befriends an elderly woman, steals her dog, sells it on craigslist, defrauds her and later tries to murder ...

A driver tries to save his sister and fiance in a robbery attempt runs one of them over, he is then shot dead by the...

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