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A man allegedly made a false report to the police claiming he got robbed so he didn't have to go to work

Substitute teacher has been arrested after accusations that he displayed pornographic material to an entire classroo...

A man running around in the middle of traffic was heard saying 'I am the law'

A school bus driver has been given A DUI after Police discovered he was drunk driving with a bus full of students on...

A blind man was punched by his relative after he called the man by his real name, Bernard

A thousand day old chicks were found by the RSPCA abandoned in a field in England

Husband stabs his roommate/wife's boyfriend after an argument with his wife turned violent

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 17th February 2017

A man has handed himself in after he was caught surveillance camera stealing donations intended for toddlers

Two prison guards have a tussle with each other inside the detention center, one of them becomes a possible inmate

One brother allegedly shoots and kills his younger brother in a case of mistaken identity

A mother has an argument with her son after he claims she defecated on the toilet seat, a fight ensues

A Spanish gang has been caught trying to sell old Toyotas which have been made to look-a-like Ferraris and Lamborghi...

A shop owner publicly shames a thief on facebook after he stole a number of girls magazines, whilst on his hands and...

A former prominent financial advisor faces child abuse charges after forcing a toddler to eat feces as a punishment

two intoxicated men were arrested after they were spotted towing a couch attached to an ATV through McDonald's drive...

A Dominican Newspaper made a heinous error by running a picture of actor Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 10th February 2017

A 76-year-old man accidently shoots his wife after she refuses to consummate their marriage after 6 months

A woman gets here arm stuck inside a donation box in an attempt to steal clothes and shoes

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