Weird Food and Drink News

A Waiter at Little Red Barn Steakhouse shoots 3-times in the air after being put in a headlock by a customer

Three men almost slip away with their lucrative plan

KFC is giving away sunscreen which gives off the scent of fried chicken

Yep, the pimple popping fad has gone deeper into the levels of absurdity

Pregnant Wendy's worker fight back attackers over argument involving straws

Man covers himself in powdered sugar before stealing beer

Video of Dunkin Donut employee dropping donuts on the floor in Mendon

KFC India unveil a new box meal for those who need to recharge their appetite and their phone

Three women are arrested for attacking worker in parking lot after receiving a "slow service"

Will you be able to find the golden chicken nugget?

A man conducts a potentially dangerous experiment of deep frying water

A $125 vodka made from the foggy mists of San Francisco

A West Virginian woman punched her son after receiving the wrong toppings on her burrito

Chefs from Naples combined their efforts to break the longest pizza world record

A Domino's delivery driver who was wearing a crash helmet headbutted a customer over an argument about pizza topping...

At first glance I don't think this delivery took just 30 minutes

Kirk Alexander hadn't ordered his regular Domino's pizza in 11 days a delivery man came to check on him saving his l...

Belgium Beer company has decided to change it's name to 'America' For the Summer

Corn Drill Challenge goes wrong, as this woman hair gets yanked off of her head by the drill in a split second

Where do you get KFC flavoured nail polish? Hong Kong!