Weird Food and Drink News

An Olive Garden waiter lied to customers about him having cancer and received over $125 in tips to go towards his tr...

A man punches an employee over cold fries he was served at Shake N Steak drive through

A man in Kentucky dials 911 and a dispatcher takes notes of his plans to rob a restaurant where Police Chief was eat...

A 19-year-old was refused an extra pork chop at a girls home, she sets alight the bathroom in rampage

KFC New Zealand is giving its customers a chance of winning a candle which gives off the scent of fried chicken

A man unhappy with the quality of his meal pulls a gun on a McDonald's worker, he is later arrested at a burger king

A West Palm Beach man has been arrested for pushing a shrimp platter into his pregnant girlfriend's face

Domino's Pizza in Japan is testing out pizza delivery by reindeer for the Christmas holidays

Mcdonalds has made a weird new invention, a burger filled to the brim with Nutella

A man from Florida was spotted stealing a gumball machine from a restaurant after claiming to be a repairman

An evil texas cop has been fired after he bragged about giving a sandwich filled with feces to a homeless

A student leaves his tempting chocolate bar in his car, it is stolen and replaced with an apology note left behind b...

A man on the run from the police uses the drive-thru at a popular fast food burger chain

hairstylist wife attacked her husband with a burrito and pair of scissors after he cooked potatoes for dinner

22-year-old Raven Ashton breaks into a business to eat a sandwich, she passes out on the couch when police came to i...

Yes you're far too late, someone has already beaten you to the punch, the hotdog-hamburger hybrid has been invented!

A teen ordered free water and decided to fill his water cup with soda, police were called to the scene

A woman has been arrested by a police officer after she stole three fries from him

CCTV footage catches a man stealing a $1000 tomahawk from a native American statue inside restaurant

A man fails in his attempt to steal a bag of Cheetos so in retaliation he tries to burn down the entire gas staion