Weird Food and Drink News

A woman dials 911 after a restaurant did not cook her chicken nuggets quick enough

A man with bags of cocaine in his car bribes a police officer with free Taco Bell, the police officer passes on his ...

A woman was arrested after she falsely claimed her husband hit her but she was actually mad that he didn't buy her i...

A drunk home invader is found frying chicken in homeowners kitchen

A man decides to eat a plate of pancakes in the middle of a busy road, blocking traffic

Mother is assaulted by her daughter with a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds, Daughter escaped police

A man knocks out a Domino's pizza delivery guy and steal his pizza bags after getting into an argument with the staf...

A vegan has admitted to crashing into a truck on purpose as it was carrying chicken

A Floridian man shoots and kills his stepson after an argument over a chili dog

Fast food worker at Jacks has been arrested after she was accused of smearing her menstrual blood on customers chees...

A woman beats her housemate with a paper towel and a decorative duck after he ate all her cereal

An enraged UberEats driver shoots up an eatery after an argument with the owner

A man has a standoff with the police after his wife takes a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich

An Olive Garden waiter lied to customers about him having cancer and received over $125 in tips to go towards his tr...

A man punches an employee over cold fries he was served at Shake N Steak drive through

A man in Kentucky dials 911 and a dispatcher takes notes of his plans to rob a restaurant where Police Chief was eat...

A 19-year-old was refused an extra pork chop at a girls home, she sets alight the bathroom in rampage

KFC New Zealand is giving its customers a chance of winning a candle which gives off the scent of fried chicken

A man unhappy with the quality of his meal pulls a gun on a McDonald's worker, he is later arrested at a burger king

A West Palm Beach man has been arrested for pushing a shrimp platter into his pregnant girlfriend's face

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