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A not so smart robber mistakenly leaves his identification on the counter when exiting after a robbery

A woman tells her dad she has a job interview at a bank, in reality, she is going to rob the bank

Thieves steal from a Philadelphia nail Salon, one thief is attacked by multiple store clerks but he ignores them and...

Mark Posteraro, from Bolton landing, is the neighbor from hell, he puts dog poop on car seats! eww

HIV positive James Clinton Houser intentionally bleeds on women after assaulting her

A man with one leg doesn't let his disability get in the way of things he wants to achieve, such as breaking into ho...

Joseph Leonard Ledoux is caught by Fargo Police with a stolen Prosthetic leg

A man with a huge piece of lumber robs a 7-eleven in Philadelphia

A man walks into a store and hands the cashier a note demanding exactly $40, no more no less

Two armed robbers dance for the security camera as they exit the store they robbed

A detainee who killed a man for not holding the door open for a woman at Mcdonalds has escaped from a police station...

An old man tries to stop fleeing robbers by throwing a chair at the assailants

A thief relieves himself in the middle of a supermarket, he steals toilet paper & soap to clean himself up after

A man steals $10,000 worth of lottery tickets, he decides to cash in his wins but the store clerk becomes suspicious

A polite Nebraskan man requests Newport's and cash from a gas station worker before escaping on foot

Bank robbers entire robbery plans are stopped by an unlikely hero

A man is caught on cam stealing over 200 pairs of panties from a GAP store in

Robber doesn't know what to do after the takeaway owner ignores him and serves another customer

An Ex-employee robs a gas station he used to work at, recognised by his voice

Don't turn your back on this thief!

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