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A man has handed himself in after he was caught surveillance camera stealing donations intended for toddlers

Two prison guards have a tussle with each other inside the detention center, one of them becomes a possible inmate

A man is accused of striking a woman with a guitar, the attack struck a chord with the police

Two thieves are spotted running out of an Amish store with $3000 worth of chairs on top of their heads

A good samaritan unknowingly becomes bank robbers getaway driver, he later helps the police locate him

A burglary suspect gets stuck in a home's chimney, is rescued by firefighters

A man break into a home completely naked attacks a man and pushes an elderly woman in a wheelchair to the ground

A deputy befriends an elderly woman, steals her dog, sells it on craigslist, defrauds her and later tries to murder ...

Jeffery Allen Davis calls the police in an attempt his involvement in the crime, he soon becomes the prime suspect

A man steals a remote control from an apartment complex in Wheaton but leaves a glove, which traces his DNA to sever...

A homeless man breaks into a home in Virginia, owners are on a vacation, he is caught smoking on a bed, whilst the b...

A man who robbed a gas station in Florida used a drawn on black beard as a disguise

A former WWE Pro wrestler takes down an armed robber who tried to rob him at gas station

A Walmart greeter is tased by a stun gun after she asks 2 thieves where their receipt is for the television they're ...

A man who robbed a family dollar store hides in a pond when police locate him he tells them he dropped his pole in t...

A Floridian woman gets tired of her loud house guests, so she pulls out a gun and begins to unload bullets into thei...

A man fails to break into convenience store despite throwing large rock

A clumsy robber breaks into a Brazilian garage and doesn't look wherre he's going

A ninja is spotted inside an Alaskan comic store stealing a katana sword

Two men have been arrested after they took a taxi to a burglary but didn't pay the driver who contacted the police

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